10 Benefits Of Joining Robotics Or Coding School Holiday Programme

Looking for an exciting and educational way to keep your kid busy during school holidays? Enrol them in a fun-filled robotic or coding school holiday programme to give them the best of thrill and knowledge. There are various providers of coding and robotics courses for kids and teens in New Zealand.

They offer a variety of programmes that cater to different ages, interests and skill levels.

Here are 10 benefits of joining a robotics or coding school holiday programme

  1. Learning new skills: These programmes teach kids how to code, create games, design websites, build robots, and more. These skills are not only fun and creative but also useful and relevant in today’s digital world.
  2. Boosting confidence: These programmes encourage kids to explore their own ideas, solve problems, and express themselves through technology. Kids can see their own progress and achievements, and feel proud of what they can do.
  3. Making new friends: The programmes are a great way to meet other kids who share similar interests and passions. Kids can work together, learn from each other, and have fun in a supportive and friendly environment.
  4. Having fun: Learning without fun becomes a burden for kids. These school holiday programmes are designed to be engaging, interactive, and enjoyable for kids of all levels. Kids can choose from a range of topics and projects that suit their preferences and goals. They can also play games, watch videos, and participate in challenges and competitions.
  5. Staying active: These programmes are not just about sitting in front of a computer screen. They also involve physical activities, such as building and testing robots, playing with sensors and motors, and using VR headsets and controllers. Kids can exercise their bodies and minds.
  6. Being inspired: Robotics or coding school holiday programmes expose kids to the amazing possibilities of technology and innovation. Kids can learn about the latest trends and developments in the fields of coding and robotics, and discover how they can apply them to their own projects and aspirations.
  7. Building Perseverance: Challenges help to develop perseverance in kids. The programmes offer different levels of difficulty and complexity for kids of different abilities and experiences. Kids can start with the basics and gradually advance to more advanced concepts and techniques. They can also challenge themselves with new tasks and goals, and learn from their mistakes.
  8. Getting supported: The programmes are led by qualified and experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching and mentoring kids. They provide individual attention, feedback, and guidance to help kids learn at their own pace and style. They also create a safe and positive atmosphere where kids can feel comfortable and confident.
  9. Being flexible: These programmes are flexible and convenient for busy parents and families.
  10. Getting future-ready: Robotics or coding school holiday programmes prepare kids for the future by equipping them with essential skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in their academic pursuits and career paths. They also foster a lifelong love of learning and curiosity that will inspire them to keep exploring and creating.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a school holiday programme, SCRATCHPAD seems as the best option.

Visit their website https://scratchpad.co.nz to find out more about their courses, schedules, prices, testimonials, and FAQs.

You can also contact them by phone or email to book a free trial session or ask any questions you may have.

They offer flexible timings and also have centers in multiple locations across Auckland – St Lukes, Botany, Albany, Stonefields, Royal Oak & Henderson.

Scratchpad teaches the fundamentals of coding to kids using interactive activities. Its two-dimensional teaching approach, in both offline and online modes, focuses more on kids’ abilities and prior experience rather than the traditional way of teaching.

At SCRATCHPAD, we like you to step into a space where creativity knows no boundaries. Here, you can enrol your kids based on their skill level and not their age. We will provide a number of session timings to choose from for your convenience. Get in touch with us to learn more about our program modules, or book a free trial!