SCRATCHPAD is both an approach to learning and a centre for creativity. We run our programs from our learning centres in Auckland, as well as offering additional support online.

The reason we operate out of a physical space, instead of online programs, is because of the strong belief we hold that children learn so much more when they work in group settings. Regardless of whether the project they are involved in is an individual or teamwork one, there is a great deal of incidental learning that occurs when we work alongside others. We’re also teaching youngsters that technology is there to help us share and interact more, not get lost in a world of anti-social behaviour.

You can find out more about our core learning tracks as well as this incidental learning and life skills on our Programs page.



SCRATCHPAD centres are located at

St Lukes Centre: Level 1, Unit 12, 1 Wagener Pl, Mount Albert, Auckland

Botany Centre: 23/2 Bishop Dunn Place, Flat Bush, Auckland

Albany Centre: 28 William Pickering Drive, Rosedale, Auckland

Northcote Centre: Unit B, 46 Lake Road, Northcote, Auckland

Stonefields Centre: 1st Floor, 38 Lunn Avenue, Stonefields, Auckland

SCRATCHPAD is open both during school terms as well as during school holiday breaks.

Our core programs are delivered after school and on Saturday mornings. Students generally attend one or two sessions per week.

Please get in touch to book a time to visit and learn more about what options are best for you.

We run programs during the school holidays that are slightly different from our core tracks. These are shorter and less intensive, but will still provide a great introduction to coding, electronics and robotics.

We encourage all learners and their caregiver(s) to come in for a visit and free trial before booking.


We provide students with laptops to use while they are at the centre. However, students are also free to bring their own devices to use. We work with Windows, Android and iOS devices.



Our programs are delivered by our centre supervisors who all have relevant hands-on experience. Their role is to bring out the creativity in all of our learners, and help them grow in confidence as they develop skills they’ll use in every aspect of life, not just on their computers.
Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.
Email: supervisors@scratchpad.co.nz


Scratchpad is supported by a Board of Advisors who each have in-depth expertise and work experience in information technology and education.


Hazel has been recognised for her work in education in New Zealand and the Middle East and is a recipient of several awards and nominations for programme design, research, and teaching practice.

She has had more than 13 years experience working with e-Learning in a range of institutions, and has managed and developed projects, as well as designing and facilitating innovative professional development initiatives. Furthermore, she has conducted a number of related research studies into the efficacy of education technology and has presented and published the results internationally.


Robert Moritz is the Head of Content at krunch.co — the world famous in New Zealand data-driven digital agency. He's been an editorial director, digital creative, editor and writer working with global brands for over twenty years in New York City, Los Angeles and, now, Auckland, New Zealand. On the agency side, he's overseen branded content, native advertising and social newsroom initiatives at Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles (Toyota) and INNOCEAN USA (Hyundai). In the online entertainment arena, he's directed digital editorial content and strategy for places like HBO, MTV, Sony and Disney. And in ye olde world of print, he is the former West Coast Editor for GQ Magazine and has written for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, New York, Fortune, Popular Mechanics, Spin and a variety of other prominent U.S. publications.


John is an accomplished Enterprise architect and Entrepreneur with over 20+ years experience in the IT industry, predominantly within the telecommunications for both solution providers and operators (mobile and fixed line). His career spans from a Siemens' R&D centre, to product development and account management with solution vendors, and through the IT and Engineering departments of telecommunications operators. He is now Director and Principal Architect for Cyma and is passionate about children getting exposed to technology.


Nigel is the Director, Technical Evangelism, Asia Pacific at Microsoft. He strongly believes that technology should complement and not be a hindrance to human interaction. Nigel is extremely passionate about technology and leaves no stone unturned to ensure technical knowledge is spread far and wide amongst the children.


Sophie is a Commercial Manager at ASB Bank Ltd. She is a passionate leader and a successful Commercial Manager in Banking who takes pride in conducting business with integrity, honesty and fairness at all times. Her leadership style consists of open communication, transparency and direction, which empowers individuals to successfully grow professionally and personally. She is a great supporter and champion of getting children to become creators of technology.


Matthew is the Director of Products & Ventures at Sky TV New Zealand. He is a dynamic C-level digital product management and corporate strategy executive from New Zealand with experience at major media and telecommunications companies. His vast business experience and knowledge goes hand in hand with his passion for technology.


Lorraine is the Director of eLearning at Mount Roskill Grammar School. She follows a student centered approach to teaching providing opportunities and open doors to the students she works with. She is extremely passionate at introducing technology to her students and a great champion of using eLearning methodologies.


Michael is an Entrepreneur and Director of Cyma with extensive background in solution & enterprise architecture which he has applied across multiple different industries. He is passionate about technology and is a huge supporter of technology in schools. As a volunteer he has been involved in supporting local schools in getting their Information systems in order.


Scratchpad is both an approach to learning and a centre for creativity. We run our programs from our learning centres in St Lukes, Botany, Albany, Northcote & Stonefields Auckland, as well as offering additional support online.


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12/1 Wagener Place

Mt Albert, Auckland

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23/2 Bishop Dunn Place

Flatbush, Auckland

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28A William Pickering Drive

Albany, Auckland

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46 Lake Road,

Northcote, Auckland

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1st Floor, 38 Lunn Avenue,

Stonefields, Auckland

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