Scratchpad has given our daughter Patricia a platform to learn and explore the world of coding. As a parent, seeing the joy every time she completes a project is priceless. Coding has given Patricia opportunity to do more analysis, learn logic, experience success as well as failures. These have led to a vast improvement in her approach to learning at school. Certainly building confidence that anything is possible. Many thanks for all your work,



Tomas is enjoying his virtual Scratchpad lessons. After each week’s lesson, he is excited to tell us the new concepts and skills he’s learnt. We’ve enjoyed seeing the results of his efforts and have been impressed with the projects he has made. The logical thinking skills he is learning to complete tasks and problem solve is also helping him in other areas of his schooling. Many thanks for all your work,Many thanks for all your work,



SCRATCHPAD gives Alex the chance to develop skills that he does not get the chance to learn elsewhere. We have found the programme to be structured to build skills in a systematic way, while still letting Alex choose which direction he wants to take his coding next, and have lots of fun. As a teacher, I know that Alex is well above where he needs to be in the new Digital Technologies area of the curriculum which has been introduced this year. I also value the communication about his progress, and the opportunity to talk to the tutors and supervisors about his learning. A big thank you to the Scratchpad Team. Many thanks for all your work,Many thanks for all your work,Many thanks for all your work,



Both our kids have really enjoyed SCRATCHPAD. Its great to find an outside school activity that they are excited about and at the same time can learn so much from. The team have provided an encouraging and positive learning environment and we know the tools they have learnt will be valuable through their senior school years and on to adulthood, for whichever career path they choose.Many thanks for all your work,Many thanks for all your work,Many thanks for all your work,



My Children throughly enjoyed the SCRATCHPAD experience. It encourages 'thinking outside the square', and the benefits from doing so could be seen to improve reading, writing and mathematics at school.



Will has learnt so much, so quickly, as the SCRATCHPAD programme is very intuitive and fun to use. I never thought coding was so much fun. The thing I really like about SCRATCHPAD is the positive learning environment – the small classes, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers, regular feedback and the other children all being there with the same focus. It has been a great investment in the future.



Pieter had a great time at SCRATCHPAD and he learned a lot. The best thing is that he came home asking to attend another class. SCRATCHPAD did a great job at helping to foster his interest in developing his programming skills and in tailoring the program to appeal to young children. You are never too young to learn to program



Hi SCRATCHPAD Team, We would like to take this opportunity to thank the inventors of SCRATCHPAD in giving our kids a fantastic opportunity to broaden their horizons in technology. They are able to develop their skills and logical thinking. Rather than spending time on games this is such a creative tool that our four and five year old's look forward going every week. We are so pleased as parents and would highly recommend for kids to explore this educational tool.

Andrew and Ivy Bardey


We really appreciate the idea of introducing coding as a game for younger generation. Now my daughter’s view on games has changed from playing to coding and her confidence level is increased after joining Scratchpad. She is always excited to attend the classes and feels so comfortable to call the staff to get things sorted out. The SCRATCHPAD staff is so caring and very friendly in approach. We find the course at SCRATCHPAD is very informative and creating a good future for children. Edmodo – the online support for kids and monthly report system is really admirable.

Kasturi Chander



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