At SCRATCHPAD we aim to nurture confident, independent learners, who will be prepared to meet challenges in school and beyond.

Our programs are designed to complement and enhance what students are learning in primary and secondary school in the areas of IT and technology. We do this by bringing current, up-to-date course content and tools to every program we offer.

SCRATCHPAD was founded by and is supported by IT industry experts working with some of New Zealand’s largest and most innovative companies. Our programs are written by educators who are working in the corporate world and who run their own businesses. So our course content has a very agile and adaptable approach – we focus on what is relevant to today’s world, in business and lifestyle.

SCRATCHPAD fills a gap between traditional classroom learning and self-directed learning that many of our youngsters are doing. Many of them are trying to go beyond what the classroom offers by teaching themselves to programme or code from videos and tutorials they find online.

SCRATCHPAD simplifies this process for them, helping them learn from industry professionals in a fun and affordable environment. We bridge that gap between the classroom and the real world.

To really see how SCRATCHPAD can help your child grow into a leader of tomorrow, please book a time to visit us and have a free trial.

If you are a teacher or school administrator who would like to know more about SCRATCHPAD, please get in touch with us to book a visit – we’d love to show you around and discuss how we might work together.


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