At SCRATCHPAD everything we do is focussed on preparing youngsters for a future with endless possibilities and opportunities. They are the masters of their own destiny, but they need to have the correct set of skills and tools to shape their future.

SCRATCHPAD programs are uniquely designed to teach core information technology content while at the same time teaching key life skills – all without feeling much like formal learning.

Our students have great fun while they are at SCRATCHPAD – their learning feels like playing, and their progress feels like personal accomplishment. We achieve this by using “flipped learning” where the learning is student-led and collaborative. Our educators introduce concepts, and the learners are free to apply them and be creative with them. SCRATCHPAD learning is very hands-on and practical, readying students for the real world.



Computer programming might seem hopelessly complicated, but it’s actually a lot like walking–you just have to take it one step at a time!


Check out the exciting world of robots with our range of fun filled and awesome projects.
Learn more about mBots, Raspberry Pi, Arduinos and did we tell you about the 4′ feet tall Spot robot?


Take your imagination to new levels through our 3D Design and Printing course.


While our short term courses and holiday programmes are priced individually, details of our After School Programmes can be found here

Students are placed into a level that is right for them, not necessarily based on their current age. Please feel free to come to the centre for a free trial where we can assess what level is best for your child.

SCRATCHPAD offers both short term and long term programmes in Coding, Robotics and Electronics. While on one hand SCRATCHPAD runs regular After School Programs and on the other hand SCRATCHPAD also offers short term courses and Holiday Programs.


Our short term courses are a great way to get introduced to the world of coding and provide you with a foundation to progress onto our other exciting programmes. Courses include HTML/CSS, Javascript, Minecraft and more.
Courses start every week. From only $299*. With seats strictly limited, you have to hurry to secure your place.
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Check out our School holiday programmes offering courses in Minecraft, coding, robotics, Arduinos, Developing own websites and more.


Alongside learning about technology, SCRATCHPAD students develop other vital life skills such as:


Problem solving skills
Negotiation skills
Analytical thinking
Curiosity coaching – learning how to ask inquisitive questions and to respectfully challenge the status quo
Team work
Time management
Project management
Business skills
Developing new ideas, from conception to market
Working with peers of different ages and abilities – a reflection of what real life is like
Internet security
How to recognise and deal with cyber bullying
Consequences of social media use and interactions

These are all important skills to develop, regardless of what career path a young person is headed towards. SCRATCHPAD is not just for future software developers or IT managers. SCRATCHPAD is for any child growing up in this digital age where technology is playing a larger part in our everyday lives.

SCRATCHPAD is for the future veterinarian, chef, retail clerk, athlete, lawyer, doctor, sales manager, fitness trainer, dental hygienist – you name it, technology plays a role in everything we do. And so do the skills that surround it.

To really see how SCRATCHPAD can help your child grow into a leader of tomorrow, please book a time to visit us and have a free trial.


At SCRATCHPAD we believe in introducing young people to industry thought leaders as young as possible, where appropriate.

TechDrops are seminars and conferences that we run, led by industry leaders and technology professionals in the corporate world. They are a great opportunity for children to learn about different career paths, discover where technology studies might take them, explore and ask questions in a safe, creative environment.


SCRATCHPAD programs are run all year long:

School term: after school and on Saturday/Sunday mornings
School holidays: choose from a wide range of programs.

Please contact us for the dates and times of upcoming SCRATCHPAD programs.