Exploring AI – Technology That Will Shape Your Kids’ Future

Today we are living in a world where technological dependency is inevitable. We can’t imagine a single day without using modern technologies. And as predicted, the future is going to be more of it. To make your children future-ready, technological exposure is unavoidable.

AI is one of the game changers that is making many impossible things possible these days. Kids find AI technology interesting. To capitalise on their interest and encourage them to learn the actual mechanism behind this human-like behaviour, you need a structured program like an AI course for kids. With SCRATCHPAD, you can have diverse AI-related coding programs that will help your kids learn AI to shape their future.

To help your kids learn AI from scratch you must understand the technology. Let’s explore AI and its possibilities for kids.

Artificial Intelligence for Kids


AI and ML (Machine Learning) are two of the most powerful technologies right now. “Will my kids be able to understand such complex technologies?” “Wouldn’t it be too much for them to grasp at this young age?” – These are common questions that may come up in your mind. You must understand that the complexity of the technology is determined by its application. AI and Machine Learning for kids are designed to teach children the absolute basics of the technology and the fun applications of the same. They will have fun performing activities and learning will happen automatically and simultaneously.

Interesting Facts about Artificial Intelligence

  1. Sir John McCarthy originally came up with the concept and description in 1955 during the United States’ Dartmouth Conference. He defines artificial intelligence (AI) as a computer that can solve the kinds of issues that humans often come up with solutions for using our inherent intellect.
  2. AI is only required to accomplish two things: first, it must make decisions; second, it must make predictions.
  3. Among the most well-known applications of AI are Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Help.
  4. Artificial intelligence allows robots to carry out activities like learning, planning, reasoning, and problem-solving like that of humans. With AI programming for kids your youngsters will be able to learn how it happens.

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a reckoning force behind innovation. Here is a list of the top reasons why every kid should learn AI and its benefits

AI and Its Applications


Personalised Experience: Think about such devices that can learn from data and improve over time!

AI is capable of learning about this widely used kind of AI that is utilised in natural language processing, image and audio recognition, and even personalised recommendations.

Pictorial Assistance: AI is capable of learning how to analyse photos and videos and recognize things in real-time.

From item identification and picture categorisation to facial recognition, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Language Convenience: AI that can comprehend human language can learn how to use other AI.

Sentiment analysis, language translation, and chatbots are just a few instances of how this kind of AI is transforming communication.

Robotics: AI is capable of learning how to govern and enhance the autonomy of robots using AI.

Drones, autonomous cars, and industrial robots are just a few instances of how robotics and AI are combining to transform society.

Virtual Assistance: AI can learn about AI-powered virtual assistants that can do tasks, respond to inquiries, and provide suggestions.

Examples of how AI is simplifying our lives are Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Industry-specific: Artificial intelligence can learn about simulating human specialists in particular disciplines.

Financial planning, legal guidance, and medical diagnosis are just a few areas where AI-powered expert systems are revolutionising the industry.

Children may get a greater grasp of the fascinating field of artificial intelligence and how it’s influencing our lives by investigating these common forms of AI and their applications.

SCRATCHPAD, a technology learning centre, offers various types of AI courses for kids. Based on the interests and age of your children, you can consult us and pick the right one to help your children learn AI from scratch. Reach out to us to explore our offerings now.