Exploring the Curriculum: What Kids Will Learn During the Holiday Programme

Every kid waits for school holidays to come as they have plenty of time to play, nurture hobbies or attend holiday programmes on their interested subjects. Simultaneously, parents start searching for school holiday programmes to keep kids engaged during their term break.

While the hunt is never ending, recent years have witnessed huge demand for school holiday programmes that teach coding.

These school holiday programmes not only help kids learn the wonders of coding but concurrently imbibe in them soft skills that helps them to get ahead in life. Every nook and cranny of the world, today, has educational platforms that offer coding school holiday programs for kids of all ages.

One such platform is SCRATCHPAD which has been winning the hearts of kids and parents with its highly-trained instructors, state-of-the-art learning facilities and fun learning mechanism. Kids can choose from the range of programs according to their interests.

Of the most notable coding school holiday programmes at SCRATCHPAD include:

1. Roll Up Your Sleeves- Let Us Code: Give your kids, aged 5 and above, the perfect introduction to coding.

2Minecraft Modding for Juniors: Let your kids, aged 7 and up, unleash their creativity by crafting their own virtual worlds in Minecraft while learning coding fundamentals.

3. Develop Games With Roblox: Dive into the world of game development in Roblox! Kids aged 7 and up can create their own virtual worlds while learning coding basics.

4Minecraft: Develop Your Own Mods: Elevate your child’s Minecraft experience with this program designed for ages 9 and above. Unleash their creativity as they expand and develop mods.

5. Learn To Code In Python: Python is the language of the future. Start your child’s journey into advanced coding with this program suitable for ages 9 and above.

6. Building Games With GameMaker: Ages 9 and up can explore the thrilling world of game development using GameMaker in this SCRATCHPAD program.

7. Introduction To Developing Websites: Suitable for ages 9 and up, this program teaches kids HTML, CSS, typography, and much more to kick-start their web development journey.

As mentioned earlier, these school holiday programs don’t stop at just introducing kids to the marvellous world of coding. They go the extra mile!

So, what makes SCRATCHPAD’s coding school holiday programmes stand out?


Fostering Perseverance: Coding school holiday programmes involves writing lines of code to achieve desired outcomes. Striving for these results can be challenging, demanding the resilience to tackle intricate problems that may prove frustrating. However, by engaging in coding activities, kids cultivate perseverance as they navigate through complex tasks to completion.

Nurturing Computational Thinking: School holiday programmes at SCRATCHPAD provide a platform for kids to develop their cognitive abilities and acquire logical, sequential thought processes. Through learning to code and computational thinking, they learn to systematically test their code, identify errors and rectify them efficiently. These skills are transferable across various scenarios, enriching students’ lives in diverse aspects.

Enhancing Algorithmic Thinking: In addition to cognitive development, the highly trained instructors at SCRATCHPAD’s school holiday programmes for coding foster algorithmic thinking among children. This skill involves the ability to articulate precise steps for problem-solving, empowering children to approach challenges by breaking them down into methodical processes.

Promoting Collaboration Skills: These school holiday programmes allow children to collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds, races and genders, united by their shared interest in technology and project-based learning. Through collaborative efforts, students engage in effective communication, interacting with parents and teachers to share their learning experiences.

Developing Communication Skills: Effective communication is indispensable in life, careers, and education. Through coding school holiday programmes, kids learn to interact with technology, honing their abilities to simplify, organize and convey complex ideas effectively to others.

Get ready to dive into the world of coding this school holiday with SCRATCHPAD’s exciting programs. Visit https://scratchpad.co.nz/ to know more about the programmes and schedules.

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