Points to consider when searching for the best coding & robotics course for your kids

The technological revolution has picked up pace again riding on digitization. And at the heart of this change is coding- a set of instructions laid down in computer-readable format. From building an application to flying an aeroplane, codes have taken over.  It is not only restricted to that.

Coding’s ability to develop our children’s problem solving and other intrapersonal skills has compelled parents to steer their kids towards learning how to code. Of course, the wide landscape of employment brought about by coding is also an added factor why parents want kids to learn it.

Simultaneously, if your kid is fascinated by computers and other gadgets running on information technology, then your kid will have a soft spot for robotics too. Today, robotic engineering is developing as a lucrative career option with gradual adoption of the technology across sectors.

Hence, Scratchpad brings to you a list of 5 points to consider when searching for the best coding and robotics course for your kids.

Points to consider for best coding courses

  1. Coding Language:The first point to consider while choosing the course is the language. It is important to explore different programming languages before selecting the right fit for you. For example, for a career in cybersecurity you should learn Java or Python while for webpage development you ought to stick to CSS or HTML.
  2. Learning method:Some kids learn better through audio-visual medium while other through printed material. It is extremely important to see which course offers the one that suits your kid’s learning method.
  3. Know the curriculum:Before enroling for a coding course, examine the curriculum thoroughly to decide whether it addresses the areas you need teaching in.
  4. Technical assistance:Many coding courses are now online. Just like the technical support an offline programme provides, make sure that your online course assists you the same way.
  5. Personal aim:You should be aware of why you want to learn coding. Whether it is a past time activity or a career path, decide upon your personal aim before enroling.

Points to consider for best robotics courses

  1. Researching the course:Know the key features of the course before enroling to understand what it offers and if it fits your needs.
  2. Know your mentors:Mentors are crucial in your kid’s robotic journey. Teachers with a robotic background can easily extend their knowledge to impart the necessary education.
  3. Look at reviews:Ahead of choosing the course, look at its reviews to understand how others comment about it and how has it helped them.
  4. Enrol in trial classes:Institutions offer free trail classes for a better understanding of the course. Enrol in these classes before taking the next step.
  5. Practical learning approach:Robots are built and that can be feasible when your kid learns it practically. Make sure that the course offers a practical learning approach.

Scratchpad offers both online and offline courses in coding and robotics. Our two-pronged approach based on learning ability and experience helps kids grasp concepts better. Moreover, the courses are divided into tailor-made categories for kids to learn what they like.

At SCRATCHPAD, we like you to step into a space where creativity knows no boundaries. Here, you can enrol your kids based on their skill level and not their age. We will provide a number of session timings to choose from for your convenience. Get in touch with us to learn more about our program modules, or book a free trial!