Every student at SCRATCHPAD is a STAR in their own right. Some have managed to outshine while others on their way to do so. Here we show the progress of some of our students as they go through their learning process and adventure in Coding, Robotics and Electronics.


Our student of the month, Tomas is learning web development using HTML and CSS. He is a fast learner and really enjoys the challenges with exercises and projects. He has grasped the concepts and made very good progress.

Well done Tomas!


Our student of the month is Sahil. We really like his positive and enthusiastic attitude in class. He works hard to understand and retain new coding concepts. He has also created some amazing stories and artist patterns while mastering his coding skills. Congratulations to Sahil, a well deserving recipient of this month’s title.


Patricia is an amazing student. She gives her best when it comes to learning new skills diligently. Her desire to learn and do well is evident in everything that she does. Her attitude has impressed everyone and she has become a role model for her peers. Well done Patricia! You make us proud!

Bernie McCahill

Bernie is a sincere and hardworking student. He has completed the Minecraft Modding course and enjoys creating the mods. He is presently creating amazing Android apps for mobile devices. He has been persistent with solving problems while staying focused on the lessons. Well done Bernie!

Peyton Velpula

Peyton is a quick learner. He has completed the Minecraft Modding course and had fun while creating his mods. He is now learning web development and has grasped the concepts of HTML and CSS. He works through the challenges diligently. Well done Peyton!

Leah Doy

Our student of the month is Leah Doy - who has been doing amazingly well with her technology learning. She attempts every challenge before asking for guidance and explains thoroughly what she understands and what she has tried. She really has come a long way since starting with SCRATCHPAD having acquired great amounts of coding knowledge. Congratulations to Leah!

Raina Dewan

Our student of the month is Raina Dewan. She works diligently to understand the concepts and solve the challenges. She is always positive and enthusiastic to take on higher challenges. Well done Raina!


Our student of the month at the Botany Centre, Aarav, is always positive, works really hard and logically through every challenge and is always willing to help his fellow coders in his sessions. Well done Aarav.

Avi Gupta

Our student of the month at the St Lukes Centre, Avi, has performed really well. He is very focused and has learnt new concepts quickly in Minecraft Modding course. He has been working on advanced mods during the last month. Whatever he learns during the class, he continues to carry forward his coding from home too. Well done Avi!

Aden Urwin

Our student of the month is Aden Urwin.
This month Aden Urwin has received the amazing title of SCRATCHPAD Student of the Month. Aden is very focused and likes to master new coding skills. He has created some amazing games and now learning more advanced concepts to create websites. Congratulations to Aden, a well deserving recipient of this month’s title.

Jack Moule

Our student of the month is Jack Moule.
We are so happy with his progress as can be seen in his ability to grasp new coding concepts and then going on to apply these concepts as he progresses through the programme. His hard working, tenacious nature is contagious! We love that he enjoys sharing new discoveries with his class friends, and also like to help other students on the levels he has already completed. We are all very proud of him!

Alex Shan

Our student of the month is Alex Shan.
Congratulations to our Student of the Month - Alex Shan - who just in a short duration has managed to be among the top performing students. His learning has been amazing and is one who is absolutely focussed. Well done Alex!

Michael He

Our student of the month is Michael He.
Michael is a bright and focused student. He has been a fast learner for the Python course and quickly moved on to advanced concepts. I really like the way he does not give up easily and persists on solving the problem. When given a tough exercise, he keeps on working at it and tries different approaches to solve the challenge. Way to go, Michael!

Mohinder Singh

Our student of the month is Mohinder Singh.
Congratulations to our Student of the Month - Mohinder Singh - who truly deserves this title. Mohinder is absolutely a star when it comes to coding and learning more about technology. One never to give up, Mohinder has learnt some amazing skills at SCRATCHPAD. Well done Mohinder! We are proud of you.

Nathan Brown

Our student of the month is Nathan Brown.
Congratulations to our Student of the Month - Nathan Brown - who has been doing amazingly well with his technology learning. He has been picking new skills, has developed great problem solving skills and is always keen to contribute and share his knowledge with other students in the class. Well done Nathan!

Deepa Orange

Our student of the month is Deepa Orange.
Congratulations to our Student of the Month - Deepa Orange - who has done extremely well in Year 11 and got 80% in her Cambridge Computer Science exams.
She is not only performing well at school but is now also starting to learn Python and Java.
We are proud of you!






Tom Dobbs

Our student of the month for October is Tom Dobbs.
Tom is one student that doesn't see any problem to be too big. He is always eager to learn new technologies and loves new challenges. No one will believe that this young and clever boy has already done courses in 3D printing, assembled Arduino kits, is learning new coding techniques and also writing his own mods for Minecraft. So much so that he is forcing his dad to brush up his coding skills :-). We are proud of you Tom and you truly deserve the recognition.
Congratulations and we know you will do wonders!


This month's student of the month for September is Nihar Khatri
Nihar actively participates during his regular weekly sessions here at our centre, he enjoys sharing his knowledge with everyone, and his classmates value his input and opinion . Nihar is very focused yet approaches his learning with a wonderful, curious sense of fun. His creative outlook is evident in his personal projects.
Nihar is always kind, positive and well mannered. Most definitely a deserving recipient of this award!
Congratulations to Nihar, we can’t wait to see what he is capable of in the future!


Our Student of the month for August is Daksh Jauhari. Don't be deceived by his young age. He has been developing his logical thinking to a point that he is already doing some complex stuff and writing some mean algorithms. Well done Daksh. You and other students at SCRATCHPAD time and again prove that age is no barrier when it comes to learning Coding.


This month's student of the month is Pieter. Pieter has learnt different coding techniques in very less time. He is very focused and passionate about learning different coding techniques and concepts. He is amazing, especially for his age, at understanding advanced coding techniques and explaining these concepts to others in the class if they need help with concepts Pieter already knows.
Pieter has demonstrated a good understanding and retention of coding concepts which is amazing. He works brilliantly through our Ninja Programme.
Pieter also learnt designing and creating 3D printed objects in our holiday programmes, he created a detailed key chain which he designed himself.



This month's student of the month is Savitri. Savitri works hard at our centre and from home to master all levels of her coding programme with 100% accuracy. As well as focussing her effort on her own work, Savitri is a brilliant addition to our online classroom, answering student queries and providing kind feedback and encouragement about others' progress. Savitri is so dedicated to her love of technology and SCRATCHPAD that she writes about her learning experience on her blog - having drawn and created her own ideal robot. She also chose robotics as the topic for her latest school speech, which was presented outstandingly. As well as all these amazing achievements Savitri is always kind, positive and well mannered. Most definitely a deserving recipient of this award!


This Month’s student of the Month is Marigold. We love Marigold's attitude in class - she loves learning, being on task and accomplishing self-set goals during the lesson. She also helps others on challenges she has already completed and loves looking at previews of upcoming levels for extra motivation. Goldie has also stepped up on Edmodo! She's actively answering all the quizzes after listening attentively to presentations in class and contributing fantastic answers and questions. Congratulations Goldie!


Layla Brown is our Student of the Month for April. We love Layla’s attitude toward learning new coding concepts. She’s always eager to take on challenges working on both her drag and drop and typing skills and constantly exceeds our expectations of what a 6 year old coder is capable of! Layla has mastered over 200 levels on our Code Studio program and is confident constructing her very own interactive stories and animations with creative characters and settings. Congratulations to Layla, she has made rapid progress through our Ninja Programme and we can’t wait to see what she is capable of in the future!


Akshara was March's SoTM because she had become more active on our online classroom - posting positive comments and encouraging and congratulating other students. She also answers other students questions to help them progress through their programs. Akshara is very focussed and determined during her session and worked hard to move onto a brand new program. Her awesome goal meant she progressed through at a fast pace and now we can't wait to see what she is capable of in the future! Congratulations.


Will received this award for the month of February as he has been flying through his programme, has an enthusiastic attitude every session, has been actively using our online classroom to ask and answer questions and loves helping out other students in his session time! Congratulations Will, amazing work!


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