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How Does Programming Develop Problem-Solving Skills In Children

The advent of technology has opened up a world of opportunities for kids to explore, learn, and create. And one of the most effective ways to nurture problem-solving abilities is through coding or programming for kids or programming. Programming has become the skill of the hour as it not only provides opportunities for a lucrative […]


Coding For Kids: Robotics, Games, And Animations With Our New Beginners’ Python Path

Coding for kids is more than just a valuable skill today. It's a gateway to endless possibilities. At SCRATCHPAD, we understand the importance of introducing coding to kids of all ages, from kindergarteners to middle schoolers. With our new beginner's Python path, we offer a comprehensive coding school for kids providing them with the foundation to explore robotics, games, animation and much more. Let's dive into the exciting world of coding for kids with Python.


Teaching Kids to Make Video Games: Start with Kid-Friendly Programming

Kids are growing up surrounded by technology and their curiosity for the digital world is insatiable. Harnessing this curiosity and channeling it into a productive and creative outlet is where game development courses for kids at SCRATCHPAD come into play.


5 Steps to Make a Snake Game Using Block Coding for Kids

The Snake game has been popular for generations. Remember the time when hours were spent to make the snake chase its food? With the present interest of kids in coding, they too can easily build a snake game using the block coding platform ‘Scratch’ easily. Before diving into the steps, let’s actually understand what is a snake game and why to use the block coding platform.


Coding for Kids: How to Code a Pac-Man Game in Scratch

Are you ready to embark on an exciting coding journey? If you're a budding young programmer or a parent looking to introduce your child to the world of coding, you're in for a treat! In this step-by-step guide by SCRATCHPAD, we'll show you how to code your very own Pac-Man game on Scratch, a beginner-friendly online platform that allows you to create interactive games without any prior coding experience


How To Explain Essential Coding Concepts to a Kid

Irrespective on the rise in coding activities across industries, many of us still imagine a large dark room filled with computers projecting unreadable lines, which is meaningless to all but a handful of skilled individuals.