Channel Your Kid’s Craze for Minecraft to Learn Coding

Has the Minecraft craze hooked your children badly? Do they fight Endermen and Creepers, smelt ingots, and engage in crafts all day long? But fear not—it turns out that this enormously popular game provides some incredible learning opportunities. SCRATCHPAD presents Minecraft modding for kids where their interest in Minecraft can be channelled to code learning – the […]


Unlock Creativity and Coding Magic: SCRATCHPAD’s Christmas/Summer school holiday Programmes for Kids

As the joyous Christmas season approaches, parents are on the lookout for engaging activities to keep their children entertained during the upcoming school holidays. SCRATCHPAD, a renowned institution in Auckland and across New Zealand, is the go-to choice for parents seeking a perfect blend of coding and creativity for their kids. Discover the magic of […]


Transforming Tech Time: How SCRATCHPAD’s Holiday Programs Empower Kids

Student-led learning (self-directed or independent learning) is an innovative educational approach that places students at the centre of their learning journey. This methodology empowers students to take ownership of their education, fostering a sense of responsibility, autonomy, and intrinsic motivation. By allowing students to drive their learning process, this approach can significantly enhance learning outcomes for children.


Minecraft modding for kids: what it is and how it benefits education

Are you planning a Minecraft-themed birthday celebration for your toddler and questioning the way to make it greater and more unique? Look no further! Minecraft modding birthday parties have come to be a famous choice for children who love the blocky world of Minecraft. But what exactly is Minecraft modding, and how can it benefit […]


Create Random Password Generator Program Using Python

Cyberattacks are growing daily with current statistics stating that about 2,200 attacks are launched each day. That means every 39 seconds, the big bad hacker tries to get into your account. Hackers mostly get into accounts by cracking the password as they leverage computer programs that are able to generate hundreds of password combinations within […]


What Is Lua Programming In Roblox?

Roblox is a hub of creativity and imagination. Its sizable library of user-generated games, studies, and digital worlds has captivated tens of millions of players. But have you ever wondered how these fascinating Roblox video games come to life? The secret lies in Lua programming, the language that powers Roblox game development. At the crux […]