The Most Exciting Coding Activities for Kids

The Most Exciting Coding Activities for Kids

Digital age : Coding for kids

In this digital age, coding is an activity that allows kids to familiarize themselves with the workings and the machinations of a computer and inculcates logical thinking and problem-solving techniques. Apart from the obvious benefits in terms of employment in the future, coding offers life lessons outside the scope of technology too.

However, in spite of all the benefits that learning to code at a young age entails, kids are not going to be interested in it if there is no fun element involved in the process. Hence, it is up to the teachers and educators to make the process of learning to code an exciting one for the kids to pique their attention.

There are a number of methods that can be employed by educators to make the process of learning how to code enjoyable for the kids. Let us take a look at some of the most effective methods that can be put to use.

Unplugged coding with Hotwheels

We start off this list with an activity that does not even require a computer. A lot of parents are quite rightly reluctant to introduce their kids to computers too early. This activity is a perfect way for these parents to hone the skills that their kids are going to need when they learn to properly code in the future.

For this activity, you would have to lay down a grid on the floor with some tape. You can use construction tape to mark off certain areas of the grid. The challenge for the kid would be to get his hot wheel all the way through the grid without going into the areas marked with construction tape.

This is a pre-coding activity that will allow kids to grasp an understanding of the workings of algorithms and sequences.

Ages: 4+

Level: Pre-coding

Skills: Algorithms, sequence

How to survive as a shark

This is another great activity to teach coding to kids without using a computer. As the game is based on the children’s book ‘How to Survive as a Shark’, this method will help enhance the reading capabilities of the child along with honing the logical reasoning and sequential thinking skills.

To prepare for this activity you will require some free downloadable cards, some thermocol board, and construction paper. You will have to set up the board in a way that there is food for the shark and there are obstacles along the way. This is a group activity. So, you can try this at school or as a family.

Ages: 4+

Level: Pre-coding

Skills: Sequencing, logic

Minecraft Hour of Code

Minecraft is a massively popular MMORPG that has hundreds and thousands of players playing it all across the globe in any given second. The familiar interface of Minecraft can be used to teach kids coding at the elemental levels. There is a Minecraft for Education segment which has various modules to teach kids the usage of block coding.

The most important aspect, and the best part, of this entire activity is that it requires little to know preparation and is a hands-on experience in its entirety. This eases the burden on parents and teachers. The game walks children through the basics of coding in interesting ways. They learn basic coding elements like loops, variables, functions, etc. through these free coding activities.

Age: 7+

Level: Beginners

Skills: Blocks, loops, variables, and functions

Star Wars Building a Galaxy with Code

This is undoubtedly one of the best coding activities for beginners out there. This free platform allows children to program droids and even create their very own Star Wars game. The entire platform is customisable which allows for younger learners to focus on block coding while the older ones can tinker around with Javascript.

The USP of this program is that it has the functionalities of a game which helps capture the interest of the young learners. It is complete with various levels and challenges which make it an interactive opportunity for young learners to learn basic coding.

Age: 7+

Level: Beginners

Skills: Javascript, Blocks

Play the tune

Cute robots and having to save the day as a superhero robot – this platform has incorporated two insanely popular tropes for children to enjoy. And while the children are busy having fun, they will learn about algorithms which have been sneakily added into the premise to help them learn the basics.

The game is set in the premise of children having to program their robots through beginner and intermediate level coding tasks so that they can fulfill their mission. This platform is ideal for teaching coding in schools as there is a teachers’ portal that allows for supervision of the children’s progress at all times.

Age: 3+

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Skills: Debugging, basic algorithms, and loops

A lot of kids are interested in music. The Play that Tune app uses that interest in music in kids to teach them the basics of coding like repetition algorithms and block skills so that they are able to solve musical puzzles.

The premise of the app is that kids would have to match the tones of their keyboards with the help of their coding skills. This is a very interactive and creative way of teaching coding to kids.

Age: 10+

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

Skills: Blocks and repetition algorithms


If your child has already mastered the beginner aspects of coding, it might be the perfect time to introduce them to Lightbot. The basic idea behind the game is that the students would need to write a code that the virtual robot on the screen can respond to.

This responsive program allows students to test the functionality of their coding skills immediately. This program is best suited for kids who are in Middle School.

Age: 10+

Level: Intermediate

Skills: Debugging and sequencing

Other notable activities

There are a number of other engaging coding activities available which help young learners to learn coding via interactive methods. Cup Stacking Algorithms, Code with Anna and Elsa, and Code Academy Website Builder are some of the notable other activities that are effective in helping kids learn coding.

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