STEM, AI and The Future – Is Your Child Ready for It?

Today’s young people whom we call gen-z, will soon live in a world that is so blended with real and virtual experiences that it will be unlike anything we have ever experienced. Needless to say, in that advanced future, coding will have a crucial role to play.  If today’s kids are encouraged to learn codes […]


Top 4 Coding Tricks for Kids: Make Learning Coding Easy and Fun

The impact of technology on education is profound in the digital world. Kids are now more inclined towards interactive and engaging classes as it enables them to put their skills into action. In recent years, the impact of technology on education has been most apparent. In an effort to keep up with the latest technological […]


How To Explain Essential Coding Concepts to a Kid

Irrespective on the rise in coding activities across industries, many of us still imagine a large dark room filled with computers projecting unreadable lines, which is meaningless to all but a handful of skilled individuals.