Unlock Creativity and Coding Magic: SCRATCHPAD’s Christmas/Summer school holiday Programmes for Kids

As the joyous Christmas season approaches, parents are on the lookout for engaging activities to keep their children entertained during the upcoming school holidays. SCRATCHPAD, a renowned institution in Auckland and across New Zealand, is the go-to choice for parents seeking a perfect blend of coding and creativity for their kids.

Discover the magic of SCRATCHPAD’s coding for kid’s school holiday programmes, catering to various age groups:

  1. Minecraft Modding For Juniors: Unleash creativity and bring imaginations to life in the Minecraft universe. Ideal for ages 7 and above, kids learn the basics of Minecraft coding while having a blast with their favorite game.
  2. Building Games With GameMaker: Dive into the thrilling world of game development! Suitable for ages 9 and above, kids immerse themselves in creating their own games from scratch using GameMaker.
  3. Develop Games With Roblox: Let creativity flourish in game development using Roblox. Kids leverage the digital platform to develop games, interact with the online community, and have loads of fun.
  4. Roll Up Your Sleeves- Let Us Code: Give your kids the best introduction to coding with this programme, perfect for ages 5+.
  5. Minecraft Develop Your Own Mods: Propel your kids into the world of Minecraft by extending and developing their mods. Suitable for ages 9 and above.
  6. Learn To Code In Python: Equip your child with the language of the future. This programme, starting from age 9 and above, provides a solid foundation in advanced coding using Python.

Beyond these exciting programmes, SCRATCHPAD offers additional options like Let’s Learn 3D Printing, Code that Robot using MBOT, Introduction to Graphic Designing, Code that Bot-Programme a Robot using Edison, Introduction to developing websites, and much more. It’s the perfect holiday destination for kids seeking a blend of learning and fun.

Why do parents and kids love SCRATCHPAD?

  • Experienced Instructors: Passionate and skilled instructors guide kids through their coding journey with patience and enthusiasm.
  • Small Class Sizes: Individualized attention is key. Our small class sizes ensure that every child receives the support they need.
  • Holistic Learning: Our programmes not only teach coding but also foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.
  • Fun and Engaging: Learning at SCRATCHPAD is a blast! Interactive projects, games, and challenges keep kids excited about coding.

Embark on a coding adventure with us, and witness your child unleash their full potential in coding, robotics, games, and more. Don’t miss out—enrol your child in our school holiday programme for a journey filled with excitement, growth, and a bright future in the digital age.

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