What Age is Suitable For Kids To Learn Coding?

Is your kid showing interest in coding? Are you planning to enrol your child into a fun-filled coding class? But wondering what age is suitable to learn coding for kids? The answer is simple.

According to MIT experts, kids can start to learn coding and the basics of programming between ages 5 and 7 years. Presently, coding among kids has become extremely popular with them being inclined towards technology for carrying out everyday activities.

But how do kids learn the intrinsic task of coding at such a young age? Different logical games that aid in simulating the skill of coding are frequently used by teachers to help kids understand the intricacies of coding. You can progress to the more difficult exercises after some time. Additionally, a variety of programming courses are offered that use a research-based methodology and teach practical skills that can keep your kid interested.

In the digital era, learning how to code is regarded as fundamental. Working with and understanding technology is necessary

In the digital era, It can also benefit kids by:

Developing Resilience: Kids learn how to recover from setbacks and do so in the most effective way through coding. They discover how to accept their mistakes, not give up, but rather to learn from them.

Learning to Think: Computer coding is more about your ability to think than it is about typing lines of code. Kids will learn how to think critically and creatively as they learn to code.

Solving Problems Logically: Learning the fundamentals of coding and having a basic understanding of computers will help kids understand how things work. They will discover the value of math in logical problem-solving.

Becoming Future Ready: Coding is regarded as a crucial skill in this developing era because it is used by a variety of businesses, not just those in the technology industry. A kid who learns to code will benefit from having more job opportunities in the future, whether they are in the health field, the technology industry, finance, retail, or somewhere else.

To master a concept, you must first understand its fundamental principles. Kids can initially learn about the inception of coding by watching or reading. All the coding concepts are covered in various books and articles. Nonetheless, as coding is a practical theorem, to master it requires a practical and real-life approach.

Scratchpad teaches the fundamentals of coding to kids using interactive activities. Its two-dimensional teaching approach, in both offline and online modes, focuses more on kids’ ability and prior experience rather than the traditional way of teaching.

At SCRATCHPAD, we like you to step into a space where creativity knows no boundaries. Here, you can enrol your kids based on their skill level and not their age. We will provide a number of session timings to choose from for your convenience. Get in touch with us to learn more about our program modules, or book a free trial!